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Hello, and a warm welcome to the new Revive blog! We are a small company, with big ambitions, and so we really do appreciate every reader of our blog, every supporter of mission, and every consumer of our products – without whom, we would be nothing.

Our journey to now has been a whole lot of hard work, sleepless nights, learning new things quicker than we ever thought was possible; but more than anything, it’s been serious amounts of fun. Revive was born out of us (Scott & Fergus) seeing a clear need for a more sustainable way to deal with coffee waste. We both worked in cafes and bars, and saw the rise in coffee consumption, but couldn’t see anyone trying to find a method to extend the value the coffee can bring, beyond the cup of coffee itself, and that puzzled us. Surely this nutrient rich material was being totally wasted when sent to landfill after making just one cup of coffee from it? It was.

Fast forward three years (maybe more? It’s been a bit of a blur!), and we are now working with a range of forward-thinking, innovative companies to collect coffee waste from a variety of outlets. We then recycle this material to create several environmentally-friendly products. Our first two core products are natural chemicals, which we extract from the coffee waste, and an all-natural soil conditioner, perfect for a range of different soils and plants. These products are designed to disrupt the status quo across many industries, and give consumers the power to buy high quality products, which have been produced with the aim of creating the absolute minimum impact on the environment as possible.

We aim to make the “use once and throw away” mindset a thing of the past, and with continued support, we know we can achieve this.

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