Revive goes to… Spain

The end of March saw a change of scenery for us, and a welcome escape from the incessant cold winds and snow of Glasgow, or so we thought. Our first trip was to Spain, and much to our disappointment, the weather was colder than what we’d left behind – it’s like there’s no getting away from it! After a flight to Madrid followed by a 4 hour drive north, we arrived in the mountainous region of Duruelo De La Sierra, where we spent our first couple of days. We were there to have a look at different methods they are developing to generate increased value from forestry waste material, and it did not disappoint. Whilst our focus is on coffee waste, it is always hugely refreshing to see other organisations in other parts of the world with similar objectives to us, who are putting great amounts of resources and effort into finding ways to extend the life of ‘waste’ materials.

After a successful few days here, aside from a close call with a herd of bulls halfway up a mountain, we headed back down to Madrid to spend the day sampling their coffee, beer and tapas, all of which receive a 10/10 in our book. After much deliberation, we also decided that we could definitely get on board with their love of siestas, however we’re still on the fence with having dinner at 10pm, maybe that would take a bit of getting used to. We had the joys of a 6am flight home, with a couple of days to get ready for our next trip.

Look out for our next blog to see what we got up to in Germany.


The first video from our trip can be watched at:

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