The coffee collection: Glasgow Science Centre

Located on the River Clyde, opposite the iconic SSE Hydro and SEC complex, Glasgow Science Centre is certainly one of our most scenically located suppliers of used coffee grounds. Opened in 2001, the Science Centre has captured the attention and imagination of children and adults alike through all things weird and wonderfully scientific. Having spent many a childhood weekend in the Science Centre being amazed and perplexed by the various demonstrations and workshops there, it is fantastic to now be able to work with them and help them achieve their environmental objectives.


Through our partnership with waste and resource management company, Cauda, we have been collecting the used coffee grounds from the Science Centre since November 2017 and creating a 100% natural soil conditioner from this material. Working with key partners such as Cauda and the Glasgow Science Centre is absolutely crucial in enabling us to achieve our goal of closing the loop on coffee shop waste, and we look forward to continuing to help all of our partners reducing the volumes of waste they are sending to landfill.

For more information on how we can recycle your coffee grounds, please get in touch here.

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