Further Scale Up Funding Secured


Scott Kennedy

29 February 2024

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of a further investment round. The funding, raised at the end of 2023, will propel the company’s mission to revolutionise the re-use of ‘waste’ products, such as used coffee grounds, and further develop our range of innovative, upcycled ingredients. The recent injection of capital will play a pivotal role in advancing our research and development, expanding production capabilities, and strengthening our unique position in creating valuable products from ‘waste’, thus enabling the circular economy.

The investment round was led by Sam Gomersall, a purpose driven investor, focused on supporting disruptive businesses whose purpose is aligned with addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis. . Mr Gomersall expressed enthusiasm and support for the business, emphasising the potential for Revive to be a game changer in creating ingredients from ‘waste’ rather than continuing to cause environmental damage.

Sam said “Revive have developed a range of ingredients, by reprocessing used coffee grounds, including a palm oil substitute. This has the potential to be a very disruptive business, given the controversy from environmental damage caused by palm oil farming and the urgent need for change. This is a very exciting circular economy business”

Also involved in the round were the University of Strathclyde through the prestigious Stephen Young Entrepreneurship Award, as well as follow-on investment from Revive’s crowd of investors on Crowdcube. We’re delighted to have the continued support of existing investors, as well as welcoming new investors to our community.