2021 – Our Busiest Year Yet.


Gabriel Robinson

06 September 2021

For many, 2021 has felt like a year of opportunity. Although the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt around the world, some of us have been able to experience something close to normality this year - or have, at least, felt that it is a possibility.

For Revive, that has meant 2021 has been our busiest year yet. As a result of securing grant funding through the Sustainable Innovation Fund, SMART: SCOTLAND, and Unlocking Ambition, we have been able to achieve things we’ve never achieved before in our company history. 

One of our most noticeable achievements has been our ability to grow our team. In the Spring, we hired a Digital Marketing Intern to help us grow our brand awareness, thanks to the UK Government’s Kickstart scheme. In April, Gabriel Robinson joined the team in this role – and is writing the words you’re reading right now.

Shortly after, we were lucky enough to have Megan Phee join our team – a Biotechnology Placement Student from the University of Strathclyde. Megan has been instrumental in helping us investigate further uses for used coffee grounds, and we have been tremendously lucky to have her join the team.

Our achievements in 2021 so far haven’t just been team-related. As coffee shops and roasters have been slowly re-opening, we’ve also been able to acquire more coffee grounds from various establishments. This has helped us to learn more about this versatile resource and the many ways in which we can use it.

Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, we have successfully partnered with a Scottish skincare and cosmetics company to create a product using our coffee oil. While the details right now are being kept under wraps, we’re very excited to share more details with you soon – including when you can buy it!

For now though, we’d just like to express how grateful we are for all the support we’ve gotten this year already. It’s been a challenging couple of years for everyone, so it’s great to feel supported throughout. We’re excited to give back to all of you soon.

Here’s to the rest of 2021!