Revive goes to… Germany

After a hugely successful trip to Spain, we had a couple of days back to catch up on the mountain of coffee grounds that were awaiting our return, before packing our bags and heading for the airport again. This time we were off headed to Stuttgart to meet with key partners, and of course sample some of the local beer. We flew into Frankfurt, and took a bus from the plane to the terminal which felt like it took the same length of time as the flight from Glasgow. Evidently Frankfurt Airport is far larger than we had anticipated. After getting to grips with the German announcements for platform changes, we were finally sure we were on the correct train for the journey south to Stuttgart. After the most relaxing train journey we’ve probably ever had (Scotrail could learn a thing or two), we arrived in Stuttgart, which is remarkably like Glasgow, with the major difference being that you’re trusted to drink at an outdoor bar in Stuttgart without having to put your drink in a silly wee plastic cup. The combination of a long day of travelling and the famous German beer obviously had a major effect on Fergus’ brain function as later that night he very confidently thanked someone with the well known German phrase of “gracias”.

Hilarity over, and it was back to business with a full day visiting our partners around Stuttgart. There is a huge amount of ground-breaking research and development going on here, with a real focus being placed on valorising materials which were previously being discarded. This is fantastic to see, and bodes well for seeing a rapid reduction in the volume of waste needlessly being sent to landfill.

We then headed back to Frankfurt for a few hours of sightseeing, Frankfurter sampling, as well nearly having a peripheral role to play in the Good Friday celebrations going on in the town square. It was another 6am flight home for us, and back to reality with a bump as we returned to our high viz and safety specs in the ever glamorous Cumbernauld and got stuck back into some used coffee!

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