Revive To Recycle All Coffee Grounds From Glasgow Coffee Festival

On top of being the first coffee festival in the UK to ban disposable cups, The Glasgow Coffee Festival will see all of the used coffee grounds being created at the festival collected and recycled by Revive!

We are now collecting coffee grounds from all across Scotland in order to combat the 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds being created and wasted every year in the UK (50,000 in Scotland alone).

We are busy developing a process to extract essential oils from coffee grounds that they hope to pilot later this year. These oils have uses in a number of industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food and drink.

For now however, the first product we are producing is a 100% natural soil conditioner derived from coffee grounds that will be available at the festival.

The Glasgow Coffee Festival is a two day event on the 19th and 20th of May celebrating the growing specialty coffee culture in Scotland, showcasing the passion for quality coffee in our Scottish coffee community! The festival will feature coffee exhibitors, cafes, roasters, baristas, masterclasses, workshops, presentations and demonstrations.

We will have a stand at the event alongside the fantastic Darren from Kabloom who has created Seedbom’s using our coffee derived soil conditioner specially for the festival! We will also be delivering a presentation on what we’re up to on Saturday at 16:00.

Make sure to check our Instagram story for updates on what we’re doing this weekend!

Check out the Glasgow Coffee Festival here:

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