Impact Report – September 2018

It’s been another busy couple of months at Revive HQ as we’ve been welcoming some exciting new clients through our doors and getting our sleeves rolled up and stuck into coffee. As a business, we exist to create positive environmental impact, and we want to report and share this impact so that our clients and supporters can see the tangible difference their businesses are making by them recycling their coffee grounds with us.

We are delighted that over the last couple of months, we have had some fantastic cafes joining our mission, and sending their used coffee grounds to us. As we reported in our August blog, we conducted coffee grounds collections from the Edinburgh International Book Festival which was a huge success, and is another great step towards us closing the loop on coffee shop waste.

We have now completed more than 500 collections which has seen us recycling more than 8 tonnes of used coffee grounds. To give this a bit of perspective, that’s the equivalent of around 200,000 lattes. It’s quite an image when you put it like that, right?

Keep your eyes peeled for future Impact Updates to see how we’re creating a real difference through our work!
For more information on our collection service, please visit here.

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  • Louise Hunt

    Hi – what do you do with the coffee grounds after you have collected them?

  • Fergus Moore

    Hi Louise – right now the grounds are used to create a 100% natural soil conditioner. However, we are developing a process to extract biochemicals from the grounds that we will be able to use as sustainable alternative ingredients for a range of products.

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